Why EndoPAT™

EndoPAT™ is an Innovative, safe and non-invasive diagnostic device for Functional Vascular Health Assessment for both large and small arteries.
The EndoPAT measures changes in pressure that indicate changes in arterial blood volume and result in a value called EndoScore™. The test is uniquely performed at the fingertip and proven to be accurate, sensitive and reproducible.
According to American Heart Association* over 50% of coronary deaths had NO previous symptoms and roughly 50% of heart attacks were NOT considered “high risk” patients. Demonstrated in multiple clinical studies**, EndoScore was proven a novel independent risk factor that predicts heart disease beyond traditional risks such as Cholesterol and Hypertension and helps guide patient management.
The only FDA cleared non-invasive test to evaluate the level of Endothelial Function. The Endothelium is the inner lining of all blood vessels, considered a “super organ” that regulates at least 6 key processes known as VIOPAC that ensures homeostasis.
Endorsed by leading clinicians as a patient management tool for individuals at intermediary risk like those who suffer from Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease (NOCAD), patients with Metabolic Syndrome and those who don’t respond to standard therapy.
EndoPAT is used by multiple clinical disciplines related to cardiovascular health
EndoPAT is validated vs invasive gold standard and recommended by leading researchers in the field of cardiovascular health. It was used in thousands of research studies resulting in over 400 peer reviewed publications in leading medical journals and numerous abstracts.

As the ultimate non-invasive diagnostic cardiac tool, the EndoPAT™ test has the potential to become the “heart’s mammogram” by helping asses heart disease risk and alerting patients to initiate preventive steps to keep it from progressing.
Normal Endothelial Function means that arteries function well, and this has been shown to protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and plaque buildup. The EndoPAT™ test, which can be performed in a doctor’s office, takes 15 minutes.
Results of the Endothelial Function test are automatically calculated and your EndoScore is generated, which indicates the present state of arterial health, or how well your arteries dilate in response to increased need for blood.
Watch the video below for a complete description of how the EndoPAT™ test works.