web-based interpretation services by Board-Certified Sleep Physicians

CloudPAT is a HIPAA-compliant web based cloud application that is used for managing the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. CloudPAT makes sleep diagnostics easier and more convenient, with no need of special analysis software installation.
It offers physicians the ability to access patient’s data anywhere, anytime, from any terminal.
It enables users to:

  • Operate the device
  • Store data over Itamar Medical cloud service
  • Attach patient medical records
  • Receive a comprehensive sleep study analysis
  • Transfer the data to a specialist for further diagnostics

EndoPAT test

How it Works:
When the patient returns the WatchPAT, you now have two choices:

  • 1. Download WatchPAT directly to your computer and review the results. The regular, comprehensive WatchPAT sleep study report is available instantly, with a suggested diagnosis provided—all part of the WatchPAT software. You may also review and analyze the actual PSG traces as well.
  • 2. At the click of a button, use CloudPAT to automatically send sleep data via the Web to enable remote sleep diagnosis by a Board-certified sleep expert*.
    • CloudPAT is part of the WatchPAT system and available to all owners.
    • CloudPAT now makes it simple, efficient, and convenient to automatically upload and analyze your patient sleep studies.
    Of all the ambulatory at-home sleep-apnea testing devices on the market, only CloudPAT offers the easiest way to effortlessly upgrade your practice into the high-tech world of Electronic Medical Records with the ease of plug-and-play.Connect WatchPAT to Your Computer’s USB Port & Click
    The rest is all transparent and automatic. Your data is fully backed up locally and on the Web. Unlike other ambulatory devices, there is no extra charge for this service.
    If needed, sleep interpretation is available from our national network of Board-certified sleep physicians*.

    * USA only

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