OSA Transportation

Sleep Apnea is prevalent in higher risk occupations (such as truckers, railway personal, pilots, ect.) and can be addressed by ensuring simple in-home diagnosis and positive patient identification.[1]

Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 accidents Sleep apnea denies people the rest that they need, and it’s now a factor in accidents involved in every mode of transportation. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll, 60% of the American drivers have driven while feeling sleepy.
37% admit to actually drive like this in the past year[2].

Testing in traditional sleep labs is not only expensive and cumbersome, but may be extremely impractical for certain patient populations.


WatchPAT’s patented tamper-proof, digital bracelet gives 100% positive patient identification ensuring verifiable sleep test results.
The bracelet design allows the clinician to apply the bracelet on the patient during the clinic visit while allowing the patient to engage in their daily activities.

Itamar Medical is a leading medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic products based on its proprietary PAT® technology, which provides an innovative solution to diagnosing Sleep Breathing Disorders. The company has pioneered an approach offering solutions to practices for complete sleep apnea management and optimal patient care. Itamar Medical’s solutions include the products, education and services.

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[2] http://drowsydriving.org/about/facts-and-stats/