WatchPAT®️ 200 Central+ Firmware Update: S/W Upgrade

On this page, you will find helpful resources that are necessary for the proper upgrade and operation of “WatchPAT200U Central+”.

Step 1: Device Firmware Upgrade

  1. Connect your Watch-PAT200U device to the computer using the USB cable
  2. Click the automatic update link below
  3. Select ‘Run’ (and once again if a Windows publisher message appears)
  4. When the application opens, click ‘Setup’
  5. The following screen will appear:

  6. Enter the sensor Serial Number as it appears on sensor cable or the sensor plastic bag label and press ‘Update’

  7.  Wait until message appears that device has been updated successfully

Run the automatic update here:

Step 2: zzzPAT Upgrade

  1. Back-up all WatchPAT study files to a safe location
  2. Close zzzPAT
  3. Download zzzPAT patch using the link below
  4. The zip file contains 3 objects:, CRforVS_redist_install_32bit_13_0_21 Folder and zzPATpatch.exe
  • First extract (not relevant for Windows10), open document Windows UCRT ReadMe.rtf and verify which windows update component you should run according the OS you’re installing on
  • Open folder  CRforVS_redist_install_32bit_13_0_21 and run CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_21.msi
  • Run the patch file zzPATpatch.exe

Download zip file for off-line update here

Step 3: Download the new user manual

  1.  Click the link below to view and download the new user manual

Download zzzPAT User Manual here

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