Jonathan Kolber
Jonathan Kolber is a General Partner at Viola Private Equity and a private equity veteran with over 20 years of experience in launching international investments, raising capital, achieving exits and actively running public companies.
As a former manager of Claridge Israel (1986-1997), the private equity fund grew from $50 million to $700 million through a series of highly successful exits, including Teva Pharmaceuticals, ECI Telecom, Osem and Optrotech. Jonathan is the former CEO of the large Israeli conglomerate, Koor Industies, where he steered the holding company through a very complex boom-bust-rebound period (1998-2006). During his tenure at Koor, he weathered the telecom meltdown, implementing a comprehensive restructuring plan that helped rejuvenate Koor Industries and led a successful exit to IDB, Israel’s largest conglomerate. Jonathan has served as Chairman, CEO and Director in over 60 public and private companies in Israel and North America. He is adept at structuring complex, cross-border and cross-industry business and financial transactions with leading investors and bankers and has an extensive global relationship network. Jonathan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Near Eastern Language and Literature from Harvard University.