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Itamar Medical Ltd is a medical technology company focused on the development, marketing and sales of diagnostic products based on its proprietary PAT® platform technology, developed by a team of leading clinicians in sleep medicine and cardiology together with biomedical engineers and physicists.

Our proprietary technology enables the non-invasive recording, measurement and analysis of Peripheral Arterial Tonometry, or the PAT® signal. The PAT® signal measures changes in a patient’s pulsatile arterial volume, providing a “window” to the cardiovascular system and the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.

  • Protect women's CardioVascular health

    With EndoPAT

  • WatchPAT

    An integrated part of

    sleep testing devices

  • Improve the outcome

    of your

    targeted drug therapy

  • Proven, Reliable, Convenient - WatchPAT

  • Voted top 10 Innovation Technology

    By the Cleveland Clinic



Non-invasive assessment of endothelial function



Click here for a step-by-step instructional video on how to use the WatchPAT™