Introducing the NEW WatchPAT Arrhythmia Detection Feature that can detect AFib events and premature beats*

FDA-cleared to identify AFib events andpremature beats


Proprietary, cutting-edge technology that has been enhanced over the years


Automatically generated all-in-one sleep & cardiac rhythm analysis report


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New Arrhythmia Detection Feature
Offers yet another innovative tool to help you improve patient care
  • Identifies arrhythmic events that occur during sleep
  • Flags at-risk patients, supporting the physician in deciding if further investigation is needed
  • Proven to accurately detect major arrhythmias in a multicenter study (1)*

*The WatchPAT® is not intended to be used as a diagnostic device for any cardiac arrhythmia and is not intended to
replace traditional methods of diagnosis for cardiac arrhythmias. In cases where the longest AFib episode detected is
shorter than 60 seconds, review of the PAT® signal for an irregularly irregular rhythm in the location of the episode is
recommended. The WatchPAT® may not detect short AFib episodes (<60 seconds).

Reference: 1. Pillar G, Berall M, Berry RB, et al. Detection of common arrhythmias by the Watch-PAT: expression of
electrical arrhythmias by pulse recording. Nat Sci Sleep. 2022;14:751-763. doi: 10.2147/NSS.S359468

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