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SleePATh® is a digital solution for sleep physicians that integrates automated subjective patient data with the WatchPAT® home sleep study results for enhanced diagnosis, data management, and analysis. The home sleep apnea testing solution is offered via the WatchPAT® smartphone app and managed via the CloudPAT® platform.
Why SleePATh® ?

A new approach to
upgrade the home
sleep apnea testing
experience beyond

Evaluates insomnia, daytime
sleepiness, sleep scheduling, RLS, patient behavior,
and lifestyle

An enhanced
diagnosis process,
personalized to the
patient, customizable
by the clinic

Comprehensive subjective
patient data collection adapted to patients’ and clinicians’
specific needs

See the full patient
view – in one single
report that includes
patient self-reported
data and sleep study

Quick, easy, and efficient data
management, replacing
traditional paper
documentation, supporting

Simplify the
patient journey

Provides at-home convenience,
with no paperwork to lose or
forget, and improved
communication, with
reminders and notifications


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The unique questionnaire feature of SleePATh®:

Fills in gaps

• Facilitates questionnaire responses and pre-authorization
• Pre-test, post-test, and assessment in-app questionnaires can be customized at the practice or individual patient level
• Evaluates key subjective sleep measure, including:

Eyes icon
Daytime sleepiness
Sleep scheduling
Restless leg syndrome
Patient behavior/lifestyle

Supports sleep telemedicine

• Captures recommended Adult Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

Elevates the sleep apnea test patient experience

• Provides at-home convenience, with no paperwork to lose or forget
• Improves communication and delivers reminders to complete the evaluation

Recovers time for your staff

• Eliminates paper-based questionnaires, redundancy, and time-consuming data entry

What does customizable mean?

Basically, whatever works for you:
☑ Turn your current paper questionnaires into digital ones
☑ Turn off or on questions at the clinic or patient level to meet the specific needs of your practice
☑ Use our questionnaires as they are
It’s your choise.
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Centralizes data management

Because sleep study metrics and patient self-reports should always be together

Streamlines the Diagnostic Process

Because Clinicians should see the full patient picture in one report

Looks further than AHI

Because a comprehensive sleep evaluation can facilitate an accurate diagnosis and personalized care

Centralizes data management

Because clinicians and staff could be seeing more patients

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