WatchPAT®️ 300 Initialization – CloudPAT Users Only

On this page, you will find helpful resources that are necessary for the proper initialization and operation of “WatchPAT™ 300”.

Step 1: Update the CloudPAT client

Existing CloudPAT users must update their CloudPAT RemotePAT (RPAT) Smart Agent using the link below:

Download CloudPAT RPAT Smart Agent installation file

New CloudPAT users can login and the CloudPAT client will be installed automatically once they interface with the device.

Step 2: USB Device Driver (FTDI) Installation

Please Note: You Must Install USB Device driver (FTDI) prior to connecting the device to the PC

  • Download driver from here
  • Run the driver installer and follow the downloaded instructions
  • The WatchPAT 300 is now ready to be used

Step 3: Download the new Operations Manual

Download WatchPAT 300 Operations Manual here – USA Version

Download WatchPAT 300 Operations Manual here – European Version

Download CloudPAT Operations Manual here