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people in America suffer from sleep apnea1


in the US alone are undiagnosed2

ADA recommends every dental practice screen for sleep-related breathing disorders as a part of the comprehensive examination, including ongoing monitoring when supplying oral appliance therapy.3
“The adopted policy statement outlines the role of dentists in treating sleep related breathing disorders. Key components include assessing a patient’s risk for SRBD as part of a comprehensive medical and dental history and referring affected patients to appropriate physicians; evaluating the appropriateness of OAT as prescribed by a physician and providing OAT for mild and moderate sleep apnea when a patient does not tolerate a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device; recognizing and managing OAT side effects; continually updating dental sleep medicine knowledge and training; and communicating patients’ treatment progress with the referring physician and other healthcare providers.”3
WatchPAT®️ is an innovative Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) that utilizes the peripheral arterial signal (PAT®️). It measures up to 7 channels (PAT®️ signal, heart rate, oximetry, actigraphy, body position, snoring, and chest motion) via three points of contact. Within one minute post-study, the raw data is downloaded and auto-scored identifying all types of apnea events. WatchPAT®️ provides AHI, AHIc, RDI, and ODI based upon True Sleep Time and Sleep Staging. WatchPAT®️ is clinically validated with an 89% correlation to PSG4. The PAT signal was included in the 2017 AASM Clinical Practice Guidelines as technically adequate.

WatchPAT® for Dentists


WatchPAT® for Dentists offers dental providers multi-purpose solutions for the use of a home sleep apnea testing. From screening to diagnostic services and treatment efficacy to physician reporting, WatchPAT® has what any dental office wants to make the overall experience for all involved as seamless and comfortable as possible. Since every dental business is different, we highly recommend you contact our Dental Clinical Specialists to assess your WatchPAT® solution possibilities.

We will work with you to assess your dental WatchPAT® opportunities to relieve hurdles and generate more successful outcomes with patients and physicians.

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