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EndoPAT®️ US Reimbursement Resources

Coding, Reimbursement and Documentation Resources

We understand the importance of accurate information and clear explanations to facilitate claims processing.
We have developed resources to help you understand the reimbursement environment.

Please note that as coverage varies from insurance carrier to carrier, it is recommended to check with them regarding specific requirements.

The resources below contain valuable information on coding and reimbursement.

2023 EndoPAT®️ Reimbursement and Coding Guide for Physicians and Facilities

This guide has been developed to assist you in obtaining physician payments and reimbursement when using the EndoPAT®️ Endothelial Dysfunction Test.



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CPT codes and descriptors copyright ©2014 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this guide is provided to assist you in understanding the reimbursement process. It is intended to assist providers in accurately obtaining reimbursement for health care services. It is not intended to increase or maximize reimbursement by any payer. We strongly suggest that you consult your payer organization with regard to local reimbursement policies. The information contained in this document is provided for information purposes only and represents no statement, promise or guarantee by Itamar Medical Ltd. concerning levels of reimbursement, payment or charge. Similarly, all CPT & HCPCS codes are supplied for information purposes
only and represent no statement, promise or guarantee by Itamar Medical Ltd.. that these codes will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made.

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