Notification of Product Discontinuation WatchPAT 200 Unified Home Sleep Apnea Test Outside of the US 

Dear WatchPAT Customer,

Itamar Medical is continuing its commitment to diagnosing and managing sleep-disordered breathing by delivering cost-effective solutions that are simple, accurate, and reliable with uncompromising service to our customers.

Recently Itamar Medical released WatchPAT®️ 300, Simple, Accurate, Reliable HSAT which improves the workflow with one-stop processing and 15 sec rapid download time. Accompanying the release, Itamar Medical will be discontinuing the sales of WatchPAT 200 Unified Home Sleep Apnea Test (part number: AC2110502) effective Feb 3, 2020, which has been in the market more than 5 years and was the first choice of thousands of clinicians. Itamar will continue to support its WatchPAT customers with WatchPAT 300 (part number AC2110701) Home Sleep Apnea Test device. Itamar Medical will continue to provide probes and accessories for WatchPAT 200 Unified devices and will have technical support until Feb 28, 2025.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Itamar Sales Representative or call Itamar Customer Service at +972-4-6177000. 


Global Marketing Team

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