WatchPAT300®️ Firmware Update Instructions


Version: 4.2.1111

Itamar Medical is committed to ongoing quality control and to the best performance of our products.

As a quality measure, we have released an important update for the device embedded software that reduces the probability of failures.

This update is recommended, therefore we would like you to take some very simple steps in order to update your WatchPAT300®️ embedded software:

  1. Connect your WatchPAT300 ®️ device to the computer using the USB cable
  2. Click the automatic update link below
  3. Select ‘Run’ (and once again if a Windows publisher message appears)
  4. When the application opens, click ‘Setup’
  5. Verify that the WatchPAT300 ®️ device has been turned on after installation

Please run the automatic update here

In case your network does not enable the automatic run of the application, you can select to save it on your local file system and run it from the location it is saved to.

It is important for us that you will update your WatchPAT300 ™ successfully. In any case, if you encounter a problem please contact your Itamar Medical support center by email or phone.

Contact details can be found here.

Itamar Medical is a global medical device company specializing in the WatchPAT®️ home sleep apnea testing device.

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