WatchPAT Central PLUSTM Central Without Effort

Until now, WatchPAT has been clinically proven to detect all types of apnea events.  The new WatchPAT Central PLUS enables specific identification of Central Sleep Apnea (CSA).

With this new capability, patients suspected of having sleep apnea can be diagnosed more specifically with an exceptionally easy to use, automated and accurate WatchPAT HST device and benefit from an optimized treatment.

New Sleep Parameters Generated by the Central PLUS Module:

Central PLUS algorithms is based on the following channels:

The PAT® Signal
PAT signal upstroke variations reflect changes in intra-thoracic pressure (ITP) that are influenced by the status of respiration. ITP changes are diminished during central events as there is no respiratory effort , relatively stable during normal respiration and increase during Obstructive Sleep Apnea events.

Central Plus Sensor
Central Plus Sensor – WatchPAT Central PLUS introduces a new Snoring and Body Position (SBP) sensor which also provides a chest movement signal. The new SBP has a high sampling rate where its body-position’s 3D electrical accelerometer provides respiratory chest movement. The SBP microphone measures snoring and is also used in the separation between obstructive and central events.

Clinical Validation

The WatchPAT Central Plus was successfully validated in a prospective, multi-center study in the U.S, Europe and Israel. WatchPAT automatic analysis distinguished central sleep apnea, including CSR, from obstructive events, when compared to the gold standard manual scoring of PSG.

*pAHIc is indicated for use in patients 17 years and older. All other parameters are indicated for 12 years and older.
**%CSR indication is not cleared by FDA.

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