WatchPAT®️ 300 Initialization – zzzPAT Users Only

On this page, you will find helpful resources that are necessary for the proper initialization and operation of “WatchPAT™ 300”.

Step 1: zzzPAT Installation

Full zzzPAT Installation

  1. Download zzzPAT using the link below (Patch to upgrade from previous versions is available as well)
  2. Extract the zip file and launch the “Setup” file
  3. Follow On-screen instruction and complete installation

Download zip file for full installation

zzzPAT Patch Installation – If Applicable

  1. Back-up all WatchPAT study files to a safe location
  2. Close zzzPAT
  3. Download zzzPAT patch using the link below
  4. Run the patch file zzPATpatch.exe

Download zip file for upgrade patch installation

Step 2: USB Device Driver (FTDI) Installation

Please Note: You Must Install USB Device driver (FTDI) prior to connecting the device to the PC

  1. Follow the WatchPAT 300 FTDI Driver installations instruction located here

Driver location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Itamar medical\zzzPAT\Misc\CDM21228_Setup.exe

  1. Run the driver installer and follow the downloaded instructions
  2. The WatchPAT 300 is now ready to be used

Step 3: Download the new Operations Manual

Click the link below to view and download the new Operations manual

Download WatchPAT 300 Operations Manual here – USA Version

Download WatchPAT 300 Operations Manual here – European Version

Download zzzPAT Operations Manual here